• If it’s not written down on your character sheet, you don’t have it. 
  • The only currency is gold (no copper, electrum, silver, etc.). 
  • No stealing or attacking fellow PCs. No PvP. 
  • Try to avoid meta-gaming. Stay in character and keep player information and character information separate. 
  • Try to avoid cellphones/laptops/tablets, except for D&D-related apps (character sheets, spellbooks, etc.). Please keep your attention on the game. 
  • No pre-rolls. Only roll your dice if the DM asks you to. 
  • If your character drops to 0 hit points, you can choose to auto-succeed on your death saving rolls and instead roll on the Lingering Injuries table.
  • Players are penalized a cost of 1GP/Lvl per mile they must travel back home after the end of a session. If gold is not in your inventory, the DM may find other ways to accommodate.