History of Nevarnost

Two decades ago, a strange portal appeared in the large city of Neverwinter in the lands of Faerun. Pulsing and glowing with blue magical essence, adventurers and knowledge-seekers alike flocked to the site. Strangely, the portal rejected almost every being that tried to enter it. And once a creature was lucky enough to be accepted into the portal, they never returned. Many talented wizards studied the portal, but could find no reason why it appeared, its purpose, or where it led to. A shrine was built around the portal where it was closely guarded. Travelers of all kinds visited the shrine, and it became a well-known pilgrimage site. Monks and clerics worshiped it. World-weary adventurers, foolhardy risk-takers and devout clergy members all had their reasons for attempting to enter the portal. Beings who succeeded eventually became known as the Izbrani… the chosen ones.

As it turns out, the portal didn’t lead to Heaven, Hell or some dream-like realm – but a unexplored, wild continent which would eventually be named Nevarnost. The first Izbrani who arrived were faced with an entirely open world around them, with a single matching portal at their feet… that would not let them return home.The adventurers quickly set to work, building a small village they named Varna, after the first Izbrani: Kloveski Varna. Kloveski was a wise middle-aged adventurer, who became lord of Varna and was well respected. Over the following 20 years, as the Izbrani grew in numbers, the town grew as well. Many stones were collected to build a tall wall around Varna, protecting it from the vile creatures that lurked throughout the wilderness. Water and wild game was plentiful for those brave enough to leave the town’s walls. Crops were grown and the Izbrani thrived.

Eventually, Kloveski became old and weak. He laid on his deathbed, surrounded by Izbrani of all ages and races. He died a happy man that day. But something strange happened in Varna. As he took his last breath, his body began to glow and pulse, much like the portal. It shot up through the roof of his home and disappeared. When the Izbrani returned to the streets, they saw the walls of their town shimmering and glowing with the same blue light. Something changed that day. Monsters who drew close could not penetrate the walls. 

Now it is up to our brave heroes to venture forth and gather information and plunder from around this vast, dangerous, and undiscovered land! 

History of Nevarnost

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