Character Creation Guidelines

This campaign will be played in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

New to D&D? Please read the Basic Rules PDF!

Here is the PDF version of the Player Handbook!

Use this tool to help create your character, please :) 

  • Your character begins at level 1. 
  • Your characters start with all the gear granted by class and background in the Player’s Handbook (PHB).
  • Your character’s starting wealth is determined by class. (pg. 143 PHB)
  • For your stats, please use standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). 
  • You may also choose a trinket from the trinket table in the PHB (pg. 160), or roll 1d100 to generate one randomly. 
  • Good or neutral alignments only. 
  • Only use classes/races available in the PHB (unless DM says otherwise).
  • If you need help completing your character sheet or have any questions, message the DM ahead of time or arrive at the session 30 minutes in advance. Pre-generated character sheets will also be available for new players.
  • Here are some easy resources to help you get started. It is highly encouraged to roll for your character's traits and background for a more fun experience! However, if you have a character in mind that you don't want to stray from, that is fine too. Below are some randomizing tables you can use. 

Background Generator (Background, Family, Important Life Events)

Character Traits and Appearance 

Who the Fuck is my D&D Character. Do it. 

Character Creation Guidelines

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