About Nevarnost

I am using a DM style called “West Marches”. It is a sandbox/hex-crawl style of campaign. Different groups of players can jump in at any time – there is no set party, so the more the merrier! During any given session, the party will travel into a wild, persistent world hunting for adventure, then return back to the safety of town at the end of the session, where they tell other adventurers their tales in the local tavern! 

Here are the rules that make “West Marches” run smoothly:

  • New characters start at level 1. Characters keep whatever gold, treasure and XP they earn from session to session, and characters may group with other characters of any level. 
  • Every character starts each session in Varna. If characters have not returned home by the end of the session, the strange magic of Varna transports them back to safety.
  • The world of Nevarnost persists beyond each session. If players have made a change in one session, other players will see that change if they follow the same path in a later session. 
  • The walls of Varna are magically fortified and thus, safe. Adventure is found beyond the walls, in the wilds of Nevarnost. Characters can rest in Varna between sessions and come to no harm. Adventure is found in the wilds beyond. 
  • After each session, it is greatly encouraged to post what your group did, so that other people playing next time can have more information to go on. It is up to you, the players, to make this world. 
  • During sessions, players will draw on an empty map on Roll20 and as time goes on, it will become a map full of information for all adventurers to see. Say you travel north and find a mountain troll too hard for your group to defeat. Maybe you draw where he is, and the next group will be able to do the feat that you couldn't!